Artist Marianne Huotari is best-known for her delicate ceramic wall rugs, which she creates at Arabia Art Department Society in Helsinki. Besides working as independent artist she influences in textile industry as Art Director for collections in brand called Finarte.

Marianne’s distinctive ceramic wall rugs weave tradition with contemporary art by applying the classic Finnish textile technique with unpredictable materials. With her pieces she explores hecticness of modern days through slowness of craftsmanship. Each of her ceramic works is built from small pieces, which pass through Marianne’s hands leaving her personal handprint on them. Repetitive nature of work takes countless meditative hours to complete an art piece.

With her roots in textile design, different kind of surfaces and organic materials bloom in her works. There is something inherent in all her pieces, which is tender approach to design and art, no matter the subject. In Marianne’s art, beauty unites with craftsmanship and conscious making.

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